COPCA 2022

Collision Physics and Chemistry
and their Applications

October 31 - November 4  

About COPCA 2022

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The Collision Physics and Chemistry and their Applications (COPCA) conference will bring together scientific researchers from several interdisciplinary fields to share their research and results. Discussions and lectures will be held on various topics which broadly fall under the theme of 'collision physics and chemistry', including: nanotechnology, radiation biology and its application to medicine, plasma and fusion science, battery technology, electron and positron physics, as well as planetary and space science.

This year, the conference will be held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valletta (Malta) and will celebrate the centenary year of the famous Ramsauer-Townsend Experiment, in which physicists Carl Ramsauer and John Sealy Townsend demonstrated the scattering of low-energy electrons by noble gas atoms. A historical plenary on the experiment and its scientific ramifications will be given by Prof. Nigel J. Mason during the conference.

Early career researchers (ECRs), including undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as post-doctoral researchers, are particularly encouraged to attend and to contribute to the success of COPCA 2022. In order to encourage ECRs to showcase their research work, a One-Minute Poster Challenge will be held on the first day of the conference, for which prizes will be awarded to the top posters by judges from industry and academia!


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